Best Methods of making kids learn Spanish

The advantage of knowing a second or a third language becomes evident when you have to travel, to look for a job, to meet new people and to find out more about different places in the world. It is also true that you can learn a foreign language much faster when you are comparatively young. Various researchers have proven that learning a foreign language before you are ten years old is much easier than trying to learn the language when you are an adult. Children who know two or more languages find it easier to understand and comprehend overall their native tongue whether it is English or some other language.

Learning a language has to be full of fun especially for children since they try to avoid anything that reminds them of school. When you change the Spanish learning process into a game instead of a process which makes them feel bored, tired and overburdened, you will find that your child enjoys it more. It is easy for kids to pick up the language by repeating over and over again the things they have learned. But this duration should be restricted to not more than half hour sessions at any time.
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You can follow some of the ideas given below to help your child to learn the Spanish language:

  • Books for children in Spanish

A large number of images and lots of fun-filled stories contained in the books written for children in Spanish can be a great source of learning. The children can increase their low reading skills and comprehension to higher levels and then they can move over to magazines and novels written for young adults.

  • Games for children

Games in Spanish designed for adults can also be used for kids requiring only a small change in the original theme to suit them. These games include ones such as the ‘Memory Concentration’ game in which cards have to be flipped over and matched with a second one.

The ‘Word Matching’ game in which words in a list needs to match up with their corresponding images, and the ‘Plug-and-Play’ game in which blanks in a paragraph have to be filled up with the proper words from a list. People could also consider visiting Kohls department store to see their Spanish Bananagrams game. If any parents wanted to buy that, they could first go to this website here to see if there are any discounts available at Kohls. That game could help children to learn Spanish too.

  • Educational video games

Quite a few websites offer video games which you can buy for the children through which they can learn Spanish. You can easily make them agree to play the game and learn with its help if the lesson is in the form of a video game that they love to play. Only ensure that they do not play for too long as staring at the computer or TV screen for long durations can be harmful to their eyes.

  • Online sites, software, and DVDs

Spanish is the best choice when you want your children to learn a foreign language as it has a high demand and is a second language that gets spoken by the largest number of people in the United States of America. Learning any foreign language including Spanish has become comfortable and enjoyable with the advent of the internet.

To make the learning process highly enjoyable, you can help your children to learn online from the cartoons and games available in Spanish on the web. You can also use bedtime stories or songs in Spanish to help your kids to learn the language. If your child is a slow learner, then you should allocate separate sessions during which they can learn the language.

Start teaching the kids who are slow learners, first the phrases in Spanish which they find in their favorite foods and the Spanish names of everyday things that they see around them inside the house. If you find that the kids are still having difficulties in learning the language, then try to make the process easier and more enjoyable instead of scolding them.

Learning Spanish on the internet helps kids to learn the language faster as well as gives a boost to their self-confidence. You can ensure that they learn more Spanish vocabulary by helping them to hook up and play games with the children of Spanish relatives and friends. Keep in mind that you are bound to get success no matter how difficult it is if you choose the correct option for learning Spanish.

The internet has contributed a lot to helping people and their children to learn Spanish or any other language online with the aid of computers. While planning a holiday try to look for places which have provisions for allowing the children and the family to learn Spanish together. You may not believe it, but it can be an enjoyable experience.

  • Pen-pals who speak Spanish

Communicating with newly found friends in their native language can be a faster and easier way to learn the language. There is a difference between reading a textbook to learn a language and reading a letter from friends in that language. The reading ability of your child will improve with the eagerness he shows in trying to find out what has been written in the letter from his pen-pal. The letter will become more exclusive when they understand the actual colloquial use of the language.

  • Exposure to Spanish culture

People who are serious that their children should learn the Spanish language should expose them more to Spanish culture through events and programs shown on TV in Spanish. Tell them about the history and the geography of the countries where Spanish is the native language. You can increase their interest to learn Spanish if you plan to take them to these countries on holidays.

  • Preparing Spanish meals

Dishes prepared from Spanish recipes are appetizing and delicious. Cook Spanish meals with your children and lets them know the recipes and the ingredients that you use. This will help you to form a stronger bond between your child and yourself as well as help your child to learn Spanish in a more relaxed atmosphere which may not be available always.

Needless to say, Spanish is the most preferred second language that every parent wants their children to learn. It has become important to know this language as many employers feel that their employees should have a basic knowledge of Spanish. You can use the options given above to help your children learn Spanish even if you do not have the financial means to send them to a private school.

It is evident that learning Spanish is highly beneficial as an option and there are numerous ways by which your children can effectively learn the language. The requirement for them to learn the Spanish language can be a good reason for you to start learning the language as well.


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