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Learn Spanish and go beyond vocabulary with interactive activities from Spanish Scholars.


Spanish Scholars offers exceptional Spanish for children.  Learning Spanish for kids as a child especially in an immersive environment is preferred for its many benefits and because as we age learning a second language becomes more and more difficult. Watch this video about the benefits of language learning as a child.  Video..   At Spanish Scholars children have the unique opportunity to experience Spanish by being immersed from day one.  Children begin learning from ages Kindergarten and up without ever being required to translate a single word.  The Spanish Scholars program is specifically designed for children making learning fun and simple.  The lessons guide children through a wide range of topics introducing them to vocabulary and incorporating that vocabulary with grammar, reading, writing and speaking to create a well-rounded language learner.  Information within each topic is introduced using simplified language and loads of images to allow for understanding.  In each lesson, children interact by answering a variety of questions including multiple choice and drop drag activities.












  • Interactive Lessons is our most powerful tool! If you are looking to get the most out of learning Spanish you’ll want to sign up for the GOLD or GOLD PLUS plan to take advantage of all features Spanish Scholars has to offer. When students wish to learn Spanish as a whole language by building sentences, using grammar, spelling and reading and practical communication then the GOLD or GOLD PLUS plan is for you.










  • Over 200 basic Interactive Vocabulary is included in the FREE BASIC plan!  Spend hours building your vocabulary knowledge to help you later when you make the choice to extend your language skills to include grammar and a more complete study of the language.

    When you outgrow the BASIC plan you can upgrade to the SELECT plan to include 600 exciting vocabulary words to keep your heart content with enough words to learn as long as you like!

Immersive vocabulary


No translation is a priority at Spanish Scholars.  When students learn directly in the language rather than using translation  information is processed more quickly and learned almost like a child learns a first language.  The Interactive Lessons and Interactive Vocabulary are carefully planned so that the learner can comprehend information by using pictures, context, simple language and repetition.  If students do not understand the meaning of a word a Spanish to English dictionary is located in the top right hand corner of each lesson when needed.

Spanish Scholars Communicative


Information is presented using  high frequency words and everyday situations likely to be encountered by a child.  In the interactive lessons words are used in context  to communicate about a particular topic.


Grammar, spelling, reading, listening, culture and speaking are integrated in each communicative goal and then broken down for specific practice with each. Activities present information is an intuitive and simplified way so that learners can be successful without the need for translation.

  • Spanish Scholars Simple


    Flexibility of choice makes learning with Spanish Scholars more meaningful and enjoyable.  With over 100 lessons organized into fantastic topics learners can choose what they want to learn.

  • feed back

    Immediate feedback

    Avoid practicing incorrectly! Students are informed automatically and immediately if an answer is correct or incorrect.  Mastery at the end of each lesson is achieved with 80%  total correct.  When mastery is reached student moved on the next lesson in the Topic.


Topics chosen for study are those that relate well to children.  Children enjoy talking about animals, free time activities and costumes.  Traditional topics such as colors, numbers and shapes are presented using drop and drag that make learning more like playing a game.  More exiting topics you won’t find in most other programs involve learning about the geography, culture and history of Spain!

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